Temperature-dependent toxicity of molluscicides to zebra mussels

Project manager: James Luoma (USGS)

Funded by: Clean Water Fund

Description: This project will create water-temperature dependent treatment protocols to eradicate localized zebra mussel infestations in a rapid response scenario. New infestations of zebra mussels are more likely to be found in late summer or autumn, when the dropping water temperatures can impact treatment options.

These protocols will provide resource managers with a critical support tool for:

  1. Selecting the correct molluscicide
  2. Determining the treatment concentration
  3. Determining the treatment duration

The project will also help determine the probability of treatment success and estimate the treatment costs. Four molluscicides will be evaluated – Zequanox, Earthtec QZ, potassium chloride, and niclosamide – to determine the dose and duration required to kill zebra mussels at various water temperatures.

This project will have an immediate impact for managers who are implementing a rapid response treatment to eradicate a new, localized zebra mussel infestation. The project duration is expected to be 1.5 years.

Project start date: 2016

Estimated project end date: 2017

Progress and updates: