invasive species

Aquatic species are adapted to habitats that are regularly or permanently inundated, including lakes, rivers, and many kinds of wetlands. Invasive species are those that when moving into a new locale tend to spread rapidly, outcompete resident species, and cause — or likely cause — ecological or economic harm or harm to human health.

MAISRC focuses its research efforts on species that have been prioritized based on their proximity to Minnesota, pathway of spread, and impact and in need of research into their detection, prevention and control. This list of high risk/high priority species is updated annually with the help of a 9-member Technical Committee and with input from the Center’s Advisory Board and the Center’s faculty members.

Learn more about these priority species by clicking below. We will expand our research to additional priority species as funding and partnership opportunities become available.

asian carp
eurasian watermilfoil
starry stonewort
common carp
zebra mussels
curlyleaf pondweed
spiny waterflea