February 7, 2016

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Using Innovative Science to Identify Solutions to Minnesota’s AIS Problems

Minnesota’s lakes and streams are increasingly threatened by aquatic invasive species (AIS) and we have few ways to address these threats. In 2012, the Minnesota legislature appropriated funds to create an Aquatic Invasive Species Cooperative Research Center at the University of Minnesota, in collaboration with the Commissioner of Natural Resources (DNR).

The Center’s mission is to develop biologically and economically sound solutions to control key aquatic invasive species affecting Minnesota’s waters. Our strategy is to develop an in-depth understanding of the biology and ecology of key AIS to determine if there are weaknesses in their life histories that can be targeted for control and eradication. The Center will also use modeling and risk analysis to help state AIS managers determine the most efficient and effective application of any of the Center’s findings.

Learn more about MAISRC’s mission and vision for the future by reading our 2015 – 2025 Strategic Plan.