Jake Walsh, Postdoctoral Research Fellow


  • B.S., Hamline University
  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin – Madison

AIS Area of Interest

I’m interested in quantifying ecological and economic relationships to understand how invasive species impact lake food webs and ecosystem services. My research depends on effective science communication to provide information and tools that can be used by stakeholders making decisions about AIS.

At MAISRC, I’m helping develop ecological models to predict Eurasian watermilfoil abundance in Minnesota’s lakes under current and future climate conditions. We’ll use these models alongside economic models developed in collaboration with the Natural Capital Project to quantify Eurasian watermilfoil’s impact on lakeshore property values. Our goal is to construct an online decision support and mapping tool for making decisions about Eurasian watermilfoil management.

AIS Species of Study

Current MAISRC projects