Huijie Qiao, Visiting Professor


  • PhD, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

AIS Area of Interest

Dr. Qiao's research interests include macroecology and ecological niche modeling.

  1. Designing marble algorithm (MA) to estimate ecological niches from presence-only records.
  2. Developing modeling tool to combine 18 existing ecological niche models (ENMs) and provide a uniform procedure for modeling the potential habitat niche of a species via a common web browser.
  3. Developing software (NicheA & mMWeb) to analysis and show ecological niche related data.
  4. Developing diverse virtual species with known niche and dispersal properties to test a suite of niche modeling algorithms designed to estimate potential areas of distribution.
  5. Analyzing the impacts of niche breadth and dispersal ability on macroevolutionary patterns under changing environments. Presenting a novel cellular automaton algorithm designed to assess the relative impacts of species’ macroecological traits on patterns of biological diversification within a dynamic Earth system.

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