Dr. Allen Mensinger



Dr. Allen Mensinger is a Professor in the Swenson College of Science and Engineering at University of Minnesota Duluth. His research is focused on neural mechanisms of behavior. Specifically, how fish detect, integrate, and respond to external cues in the environment. He and his team have developed an implantable electrode and telemetry system to record physiological signals from free swimming fish. He also has been investigating the potential of acoustic deterrents to be used against invasive bigheaded carp. Dr. Allen Mensinger and his lab are interested in how fish detect, integrate and respond to external cues. Their goal is to understand and exploit fish sensory systems to develop environmentally friendly and cost effective deterrents to invasive fishes. 



  • B.S. Biology, Duke University
  • Ph.D. Aquatic Biology, UC Santa Barbara
  • Post Doc Neuroscience, University of Washington, St. Louis

Current project


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