Sophie Mallez, Postdoctoral Research Associate


  • M.S., Pierre and Marie Curie University, France
  • Ph.D., University of Nice, France

AIS Area of Interest

Dr. Mallez focuses on population genetics and pathways of invasion. Her current work focuses on understanding invasion sources and pathways of spread of the zebra mussels throughout Minnesota and the Upper Mississippi and Great Lakes Basins, using population genetics and genomics.

AIS Species of Study

    Select AIS publications

    • Escobar, L. E., S. Mallez, M. McCartney, C. Lee, D. P. Zielinski, R. Ghosal, P. G. Bajer, C. Wagner, B. Nash, M. Tomamichel, P. Venturelli, P. P. Mathai, A. Kokotovich, J. Escobar-Dodero, N. B. D. Phelps. 2017. Aquatic invasive species in the Great Lakes region: An overview. Reviews in Fisheries Science and Aquaculture 26:1 121-138.

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