Dr. Przemek Bajer

Research Assistant Professor


Dr. Przemek Bajer is a Research Assistant Professor at the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center. He works on developing sustainable control solutions for the common carp. Most recently, he has been working on exploiting carp's social behaviors to train these fish to aggregate around bait and remove them in large numbers. He is currently also working on using the Whooshh System to remove carp from streams during spawning migrations. In addition to leading several research projects, he is the founder and owner of Carp Solutions LLC, a University of Minnesota startup company that works with local governments and citizens to help them manage their carp populations. When he's not chasing carp, he loves to fly fish for trout and steelhead.


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Dr. Bajer is the founder and owner of Carp Solutions, which develops management strategies for invasive fish. These interests have been reviewed and managed by the University of Minnesota in accordance with its Conflict of Interest policies. If you have concerns that your employment or academic efforts are being improperly directed due to his interests in Carp Solutions, you can contact MAISRC Director Nicholas Phelps, or Associate Director of the Conflict of Interest Program Jon Guden via email or (612) 626-4727.


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