Thanks for attending the 2016 AIS Research and Management Showcase!

On behalf of everyone at the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center, thanks to everyone who attended the 2016 AIS Research and Management Showcase! We hope that you enjoyed the sessions and gained valuable knowledge that enhanced your understanding of AIS issues and the research MAISRC is conducting. If you missed out or would like to review the presentations, they can be found below.

Zebra mussel veliger transport via recreational watercraft and residual water (Adam Doll)

Starry stonewort: What's known, what's unknown, and what we're doing about it (Dan Larkin)

Let's prevent a flea circus: Stopping Minnesota's invasive by Spiny waterflea (Donn Branstrator)

Can new zebra mussel infestations be eradicated? (Jim Luoma)

Get Involved! Detecting and tracking AIS for management (Megan Weber and Eleanor Burkett)

Unraveling the microorganisms associated with AIS: Potential candidates for biological control? (Mike Sadowsky and Prince Mathai)

Why me? Understanding potential pathways for AIS spread in Minnesota (Nick Phelps and Luis Escobar)

A better future for Minnesota lakes: Analyzing the footprints of invasions past and present, hidden in the DNA of zebra mussels (Sophie Mallez and Mike McCartney)

Detecting novel pathogens: what is means for the control of invasive carp (Sunil Kumar Mor)

Handout for lab tours (Ray Newman, Megan Tomamichel, Donn Branstrator, Clark Dennis)