Phragmites invasion biology

What factors facilitiate the invasion of non-native Phragmites?  Check out this PowerPoint with voiceover audio to hear from MAISRC research assistant Anna Peschel with more information.


Annotated Bibliography

You can also learn more about Phragmites through the literature below. This literature review was prepared in spring 2018 by Anna Peschel and Dan Larkin.

Non-native Phragmites is one of the most studied invasive species in the world, producing a vast scientific literature. This annotated bibliography is by no means exhaustive, and is instead intended to highlight key findings regarding the spread, impacts, and management of invasive Phragmites in North America that are relevant to the goals of the MNPhrag project.

I. Spread of Phragmites

Seminal paper showing that Phragmites expansion in North America caused by non-native genotypes

  • Saltonstall, K. (2002), Cryptic invasion by a non-native genotype of the common reed, Phragmites australis, into North America. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 99(4): 2445-2449.
reversing spread
Phragmites management