• August Newsletter
    Announcing seven new projects, data available for estimating invasion risk, and more

  • June Newsletter
    Invasive Phragmites management recommendations, new AIS Detectors certified, and more
  • April Newsletter
    Spiny waterflea updates, new carp-killing virus discovered, invasive plants, and more


  • December newsletter
    To marks MAISRC's fifth anniversary, we're pleased to share with you this report highlighting our research findings and plans for the future.

  • October newsletter
    New carp removal system, invasive Phragmites project, and more 

  • August Newsletter
    Hybrid watermilfoil, assessing impacts of AIS on walleye, and more
  • June Newsletter
    Researching zebra mussel veliger transport, Six Mile Creek carp assessment, and more

  • May Newsletter
    Using genetics to understand zebra mussel spread, new invasive carp deterrent system, and more

  • February Newsletter
    Starry stonewort herbicide update, the impact of spiny waterflea on walleye, and more


  • December Newsletter
    2016 research highlights!

  • November Newsletter
    New zebra mussel early detection tool, sampling for Heterosporis in Cass Lake, and more

  • August Newsletter
    Launching new spiny waterflea project, using pathogens to control Asian carp, Letter from our new Co-Director, and more

  • June Newsletter
    New suite of aquatic invasive plants research, common carp more damaging to biodiversity than human development, new zebra mussel research, and more

  • April Newsletter
    New DNR funding to study acoustic deterrents at Lock & Dam 8, examining effects of alum treatments on curly-leaf pondweed and native plants, new findings affirm risk of zebra mussel spread through downstream drift, Heterosporosis experiments begin in newly renovated MAISRC laboratory, and more

  • February Newsletter
    Zebra mussel genome sequencing, starry stonewort modeling, characterizing the carp virome, and more


  • 2015 Research Highlights from MAISRC
    What a year! From Asian carp to zebra mussels and with a lot of other aquatic invasive species in between, MAISRC had many accomplishments in 2015.

  • November Newsletter
    The best and brightest postdocs from around the world, Minnesota lakes susceptible to VHS, new Judas fish technology, and more

  • August Newsletter
    Mille Lacs and other zebra mussel infestations, herbicide effects on curly-leaf pondweed, deterring Asian carps at locks and dams, new team members and more

  • June Newsletter
    Research needs assessment, lessons learned at Christmas Lake, common carp partial migration, using eDNA to measure carp, reporting fish kills, demolition begins at MAISRC lab, and more

  • April Newsletter
    Explaining common carp invasions, deterring Asian carp using sound, expanding capacity for aquatic invasive plants, and more

  • January Newsletter
    Zebra mussel research finishes first field season, common carp under control in a chain of lakes, new published papers, and more


  • October Newsletter
    Two invasive plant projects launched, carp epibranchial organ discovery, and more

  • July Newsletter
    Launching zebra mussel research, assembling an experimental Asian carp deterrent system, bonding dollars secured, and more