Lab and Holding Facility

About the lab

The Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center completed renovations on the former Engineering and Fisheries Lab at 1995 Fitch Ave. in 2016. Originally built as a tractor garage in 1911, it is now a state-of-the-art research facility.

The lab has 10,400 square feet of laboratory space available for researchers to use to support aquatic invasive species research and teaching.


  • Capacity for 200 gallons per minute of well water
  • 27 large fish tanks and 50+ aquaria
  • 4 plant growth chambers
  • 4 living streams
  • 20 water temperature zones
  • 15 lighting zones
  • Dedicated rooms for invasive aquatic plants, invertebrates, fish, and pathogens and microbes

Management and operating procedures

Management of the MAISRC Containment Lab is guided by two main principles:

1. The MAISRC Containment Laboratory should be used for aquatic invasive species research and available to all MAISRC-affiliated researchers.
2. The MAISRC Containment Laboratory is a collaborative multi-user space and all ongoing research activities, equipment, and personnel should be respected.

Read the entire MCL Management and Operating Procedures document here.

Current researchers with access to the lab may view the emergency response and maintenance information here (login required).

To reserve space in the lab

  • The MAISRC Containment Lab is available to all University researchers, but priority is given to researchers who have projects with MAISRC
  • Fees will apply
  • Click here for the online reservation system for all space except plant growth chambers. Note: this system is managed by the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station. Click on "MAES ISO" to enter the portal, then on "AIS Research Lab" from the left menu, and then on "New AIS Research Lab Request"
  • Please contact MAISRC Director Nick Phelps at if you have questions about using the lab

To reserve a plant growth chamber

  • The plant growth chamber reservation system is managed separately from the rest of the lab, but still through the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station portal. Click on "MAES ISO" to enter the portal and then on "Growth Chamber" from the left menu.


Space in the MAISRC Containment Lab is rented in 13-week blocks; all fees below apply for that period of time.

Fish bays: $1,631

Bench space: $502

BSL-2 space: $2,214

Rental spaces



The exterior of the lab remains unchanged.


Plant growth chambers and entrance to plant room. 


Research support rooms may also be available.