Developing solutions to address weaknesses in Lock and Dam #4 and then optimize its gate operation

Project manager: Peter Sorensen

Description: This project seeks to identify potential weaknesses in Lock and Dam #4 (near Kellogg, MN) where invasive carp might be able to swim through and then optimize gate operations to prevent passage. This lock and dam system maintains a high velocity than other dams, is situated far from the invasion front, and is located just upstream of Lock & Dam #5, so the two systems can be used in conjunction. The project will include developing a 3D statistical model to calculate water velocities in and around the dam under a variety of conditions; measuring velocities near the dam to validate the model; developing and implementing a computation tool to search through the 3D velocity fields to identify specific swimming pathways that carp could take; and pairing this information with already-known swimming performance data to determine how best to block carp passage while having minimal effect on native fishes. Results will be used in collaboration with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as they develop new gate operation plans.

Project start date: 2017

Estimated project end date: 2018

Progress and updates: