AIS Detectors Scholarships

If the $150 registration fee presents a barrier to your ability to participate in the AIS Detectors Core Course and Volunteer Program, we have some options available to you. We want to ensure your ability to join us, learn, and participate, regardless of your financial situation.  There are two options available to you to reduce the participation fee:
1.   Depending on where you live, some organizations provide sponsorships to join the program. Below is contact information and some details for those organizations. 

2.   If you live outside of the regions listed above or are otherwise unable to participate in those sponsorship opportunities, please select a discount code from the list below that will enable your participation in the AIS Detectors Core Course and volunteer program. You can enter this code during the registration process to reduce your registration fees for the AIS Detectors Core Course (Community Track):
    • $15 discount: AISDCC13521 (you pay $135)
    • $30 discount: AISDCC12021 (you pay $120)
    • $45 discount: AISDCC10521 (you pay $105)
    • $60 discount: AISDCC9021 (you pay $90)
    • $75 discount: AISDCC7521 (you pay $75)
    • $90 discount: AISDCC6021 (you pay $60)
    • $105 discount: AISDCC4521 (you pay $45)
    • $120 discount: AISDCC3021 (you pay $35)
    • $135 discount: AISDCC1521 (you pay $15)
    • $150 discount: AISrarfDCC21150 (you pay $0)