our team


David Andow - ecological risk assessment

Przemek Bajer - common carp biology and management

Donn Branstrator - spiny waterflea impacts and history

Chanlan Chun - microorganisms associated with AIS

Susan Galatowitsch - invasive plant control and restoration

Dan Larkin - aquatic invasive plant control and management

Michael McCartney - zebra mussel prevention and control

Loren Miller - genetics and eDNA

Ray Newman - aquatic invasive plant control and management

Nicholas Phelps - infectious fish diseases and ecosystem health

Michael Sadowsky - metagenomics approaches to control AIS

Peter Sorensen - Asian carp detection and control

Paul Venturelli - fish population ecology and management

Research lead partners:

James Luoma - fisheries biologist

Graduate students:

Clark Dennis - Asian carp, common carp

Adam Doll - zebra mussels

Melaney Dunne - invasive plants

Jasmine Eltawely - invasive plants

Josh Poole - common carp

Reid Swanson - Asian carp, common carp

Meg Thompson – aquatic ecosystem health

Isaiah Tolo – invasive carp

Megan Tomamichel - Heterosporis

Mike Verhoeven - invasive plants

Postdoctorates and research staff:

Hannah Dunn – metagenomic approaches to control AIS

Luis Escobar – ecological niche modeling

Jean Sebastien Finger – Asian carp deterrents

Ratna Ghosal – hormones, pheromones, and behavior in fish

Anvar Gilmanov – Asian carp deterrents

Wes Glisson – aquatic invasive plants

Peter Hundt – common carp control

Sophie Mallez – zebra mussel population genetics

Prince Mathai – metagenomic approaches to control AIS

Sunil Kumar Mor – biological control of AIS

Ranjan Muthukrishnan – aquatic invasive plants

Alex Primus – infectious disease, fish and ecosystem health

Andy Riesgraf – Asian carp deterrents

Grace Van Susteren – Asian carp deterrents


Christine Lee - Executive Office and Communications Specialist

Jay Maher - Scientist

Pat Mulcahy - AIS Program Coordinator

Becca Nash - Associate Director

Nicholas Phelps - Director

Megan Weber - Extension Educator