MAISRC Showcase

Poster Session

Radicle seeds: Intraspecific variation in aquatic plant germination presented by Jonah Bacon.

Mapping zebra mussels with multibeam sonar presented by Jess Kozarek

Developing a genomic method to detect hybridization between native and invasive Phragmites australis (common reed) presented by Andrzej Noyszewski

Koi herpesvirus spread among carp populations: a modeling approach presented by Joaquin Escobar-Dodero

Assessing the effects of zebra mussels on walleye recruitment success in Minnesota lakes presented by Holly Kundel. 

Eliciting salient beliefs from Minnesota anglers presented by Maggie McQuown. 

Inhibiting biofilm formation on aquatic surfaces through interference in microbial communication presented by Nathan Hoekstra.