Six Mile Creek Carp Assessment (contract with Minnehaha Creek Watershed District)

Project manager: Peter Sorensen

Description: The goal of this project is to determine the abundance, seasonal movements, and recruitment patterns of common carp in the Six Mile Creek sub-watershed, and to thereby enable development of carp control strategies for restoration in the watershed. The Six Mile Creek sub-watershed is different from previous carp control study locations because it is a particularly complex series of interconnected lakes, ponds, and wetlands. It is also highly degraded and is devoid of submersed native plants in many segments – mostly attributable to common carp. Researchers believe that the first steps in evaluating possible long-term sustainable control options for these carp are the following:

  • Estimating how many adult carp inhabit lakes within the Six Mile Creek sub-watershed

  • Gaining information on the seasonal distribution and movement patterns of adult carp across the watershed

  • Identifying sources of juvenile carp across the watershed and estimating their relative abundance

Project start date: 2014

Estimated project end date: 2017

Progress and updates:

Completing population estimates to manage carp (MAISRC newsletter)