Exploring whether native pathogens can be used to control AIS

Project manager: Nicholas Phelps

Phase 1 Description: Although ambitious, eradication is our ultimate goal. One possible approach would be through the introduction or promotion of species-specific pathogens. This phase will provide researchers with baseline data on the virome of carp species in the region. The virome is defined as all the viruses in the host. More specifically, phase 1 will:

  • Collect silver carp from four locations in the Illinois and Mississippi River systems,

  • Collect suitable samples from reported mortality events in the United States,

  • Characterize the virome of the carp species by biological and molecular approaches,

  • Determine the disease-causing potential of one selected virus to fathead minnow (native) and common carp (invasive),

  • Survey common carp in Minnesota for prior exposure to KHV.

Project start date: 2013

Estimated project end date: 2016

Progress and updates: